Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Icky, Gooey, Yucky: GROSS and InTeReStInG Body Facts

This is for those home-school mothers looking for new health material, fans that can't get enough of Shrek (a movie which I admit I find disgusting), and brothers who at some point of time have harassed their sisters with loud smells and noises.

From Your Head Down To Your Feet-----

The Brain:
The brain weighs three pounds!  It is the only part of the body that can feel no pain.  Believe it or not, your brain is doing more when you're asleep than when you're awake.  Approximate storage capacity ranges between 3-1,000 terabytes (The National Archives of Britain is seventy terabytes, and that includes nine-hundred years of history).  Time to put that unused brain space to use!

You shed between 40-150 strands a day.  Lifespan of a hair is about 3-7 years.  Out of the world's population---only about 1% are redheads, and only about 2% are blondes.  Your head of hair could support twelve tons!  Facial hair is the fastest growing of the hair family. 
Basically fire is the only thing that can destroy hair- most chemicals and acids won't even do the trick.  Those that deal with dandruff are ones that tend to grow their new skin cells faster than normal- which results in more dead skin having to go somewhere.

There are mites (they actually look like worms) that live in your eyelash follicles.  They can lay up to two-dozen eggs which will hatch and then take up residence.  They live fat and happy off of your oil and dead skin cells.
The eyes will not change size....however the nose and ears will get bigger and bigger the older you get.
Grown men can cry!  Tears are warriors against bad bacteria.

The Nose:
This guy can remember up to 50,000 different scents and smells!
The indentation under your nose and above the upper lip is called the philtrum, even though there is no known purpose for its being on each human's face.

That wax that you clean out once in awhile is actually a great thing- not annoying like we seem to think.  It is sebum, dead skin cells, and gland secretions designed to protect the internal chambers and drum.  You may have wet or dry wax which depends solely on genetics.  God designed a self-cleaning system; for whenever you move your jaw it churns the wax which eventually dries and flakes away on its own!

Have a little pity on the people like me that deal with this issue.  Contrary to old wives' beliefs, it is not usually caused by what you eat.  You can even clean your face with specially formatted cleanser twice a day and still get those annoying pimples.  In simple words, what happens is that skin and oil get trapped in the pores and this is mostly because of hormones or genetics.

Talking about Skin---
Did you know that most dust is dead skin?  You grow new skin every two-four weeks even though you can't see it.  Every minute you are polluting the atmosphere with 30,000-40,000 of your dead skin cells that are leaving so new ones can take their place. 
There are also about 100 trillion bacteria on and in you which are mostly good and benefiting you in some way!  So don't whip out the sanitizer and try to get rid of these guys.

After a lifetime of producing this stuff, you could probably fill two swimming pools (forget calling in the fire department to fill the pool each summer).
Every person has their own unique tongue print.  Thank goodness they don't ink the baby's tongues in the hospitals and decided to stick with fingerprints!

This poor stuff has been so wrongly represented.  Even though you are bothered with enough each day to fill a half-gallon bucket, it is lubricating your passages to prevent dryness and chapping and keep out the truly bad guys- harmful bacteria and viruses.

Yuck---when you say that you are sweating buckets you aren't exaggerating.  Actually, in a year, you have poured 278 gallons through your pores.

The Stomach:
You often take this for granted, but there's some pretty powerful stuff going on down there.  Talk about chemical warfare!  Your stomach acids could dissolve a razor blade.  Mucus coats your stomach so that the acids don't eat it, but you still have to grow a new lining every three or four days. 
You are usually full at about three liters confinement of swallowed products, and will burst at five liters.
Your small intestine (also a major part of the digestive/excretion process) is twenty foot long.  Thank God, He twisted and bundled it up and didn't make us twenty-foot high to contain it.
I know, it's disgusting to talk about gas; but hey, this is called a gross blog!  Gas is caused by air being swallowed or bacteria tearing apart your food.  We're all human and unfortunately are each subject to passing gas approximately 14-23 times a day.
Vomiting is when the brain says that nothing is going down and will only be going up.  This is often caused by overeating or a virus.
If you ever wanted to try drag-racing, just sneeze.  Those very sudden outbursts can reach 100 m.p.h.; while coughs are about a 60 m.p.h. driver.
Women burn fat slower than men (that's just depressing for us females; no wonder I have to work out every day).
The belly button is often not discussed except by piercing artists and Veggie Tales, but it actually is home to 1,400 species of bacteria which are mostly fighting for the good of the body.

Body Odor:
Isn't this just a lovely thought?  Body odor comes from bacteria having a feast on your skin's sweat.
Body Heat:
You're definitely warm-blooded when every thirty minutes the amount of body heat left off could boil a half-gallon of water.

Out of your entire body, these walking appendages contain a quarter of all the bones. 
No wonder no one ever wants to smell their shoes- feet hold 250,000 sweat glands which make a pint of sweat a day.

As much as I wish I was wise enough to know all this information on my own, I received most of these fascinating facts from health and medical websites!
Isn't amazing how God designed our bodies and how even the gooey, yucky, and icky body stuff serve an essential purpose?