Thursday, August 21, 2014

Living in the Crayon Box

I’m back!  Yes, I know I haven’t been blogging faithfully, but I have had a good excuse.  Last week I was away at girls’ camp, (and of course, this week has been recovery and catch-up on all the work that fell behind during my absence;).

Girls’ camp was good- there were only minor injuries, it only rained one day, and lots of girls gave their hearts to Jesus.  I once again was choir director this year, and at first struggled to come up with a theme that would be fun and different- while meaningful.  Then God told me, “Living in the Crayon Box- it’s colorful, fun (who doesn’t like crayons??), and something that everyone will relate to.”  So I embarked on the hunt for songs and dramas that would teach the lessons that can be learned from the crayon box.  And believe me, I learned a lot during the process.

1.  We each are a crayon.  Take the time to close your eyes and imagine what color you are.  Some see themselves as Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown, a behind-the-scenes, dull, almost-worthless individual.  Some view themselves as Purple Pizzazz, an outgoing, bubbly, everybody’s friend, valuable person who thinks they really are the best crayon out there.

But guess what- each crayon is needed….no matter the color!  Each crayon in the crayon box is there for a certain purpose.  Sepias color trees, Goldenrod Yellows color suns, Cornflower Blues color skies, Whites color clouds, Radical Reds color flowers, Fushcias color sunsets….  No matter how invaluable you think you are, you really were put upon this earth for a purpose.  Macaroni and Cheese Oranges can’t take your place and neither can Electric Limes. 

2.  The crayons need each other.  When have you went to the store and only purchased one crayon?  No!  Crayons come all together in a crayon box because we need all the colors to work together!!!  Sometimes we get the opinion, at least I can sometimes, that we don’t need the other crayons.  My Turquoise Blue can do fine all by itself.  Why do I need to share the page with Black and Timberwolf Gray?  There is less drama when I don’t live inside the crayon box with all the other messed-up crayons.  May I say how sad that is?  The loneliest times in my life are when I’m outside the crayon box, aloof from the other crayons.  No, I don’t have to struggle with all the problems that immediately tag along with relationships and friendships; but I am lonely and calloused.  I become cynical and bitter when I sit by myself on my own shelf, coloring my own picture.  And when I look at my picture, and all I see is turquoise, I realize deep within that there is no beauty in just me, alone. 

 To make a masterpiece, we need all the colors working together.  Yes, that takes time, commitment, selflessness, and unconditional love; but that is the only way to achieve true beauty.  That is the way The Artist designed us for this life.  I know that there are crayons in the crayon box that will judge us by how our crayon wrapper is peeled.  I understand that there are crayons who try to control everything that goes on in the crayon box.  I realize that there are crayons who are difficult to love; but The Artist just asks us to do our best and love each crayon around us.  True love, selflessness, forgiveness, and a relationship with The Artist are the only ways that crayon boxes can get along and work together.

3.  I need to stop comparing my color to other colors.  My Turquoise may complain that she doesn’t have as much to do as Wild Strawberry Pink; or she may complain that she has to do a lot more than Maroon.  She may feel ugly as she colors beside Vivid Tangerine; or she may feel more beautiful than Asparagus Green.  We, crayons, are equally important and beautiful in The Artist’s eyes.  He may call some of us to do more behind-the-scenes work; He may call some of us to serve more than others; He may call some of us to wait patiently; He may call some of us to work until there is no more life within us.  But He does not want us to compare our calling or value to another crayon’s!  

These are some of the songs (and a poem) that we did for camp chorus.



SERVANT SONG (we did this in sign language):




And some songs we sang that included lots of color (just because girls love singing fun songs).



And I thought to finish off this post, I would also give you the list of crayon names yet;)

Aaron at created a fun list of all 120 Crayon Colors with their hex codes and RGB values. “All of these colors are rough approximations from Crayola’s current list of 120 Crayon Colors. -CS”
Name Hex RGB
Mahogany CD4A4A 205,74,74
Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown CC6666 204,102,102
Chestnut BC5D58 188,93,88
Red Orange FF5349 255,83,73
Sunset Orange FD5E53 253,94,83
Bittersweet FD7C6E 253,124,110
Melon FDBCB4 253,188,180
Outrageous Orange FF6E4A 255,110,74
Vivid Tangerine FFA089 255,160,137
Burnt Sienna EA7E5D 234,126,93
Brown B4674D 180,103,77
Sepia A5694F 165,105,79
Orange FF7538 255,117,56
Burnt Orange FF7F49 255,127,73
Copper DD9475 221,148,117
Mango Tango FF8243 255,130,67
Atomic Tangerine FFA474 255,164,116
Beaver 9F8170 159,129,112
Antique Brass CD9575 205,149,117
Desert Sand EFCDB8 239,205,184
Raw Sienna D68A59 214,138,89
Tumbleweed DEAA88 222,170,136
Tan FAA76C 250,167,108
Peach FFCFAB 255,207,171
Macaroni and Cheese FFBD88 255,189,136
Apricot FDD9B5 253,217,181
Neon Carrot FFA343 255,163,67
Almond EFDBC5 239,219,197
Yellow Orange FFB653 255,182,83
Gold E7C697 231,198,151
Shadow 8A795D 138,121,93
Banana Mania FAE7B5 250,231,181
Sunglow FFCF48 255,207,72
Goldenrod FCD975 252,217,117
Dandelion FDDB6D 253,219,109
Yellow FCE883 252,232,131
Green Yellow F0E891 240,232,145
Spring Green ECEABE 236,234,190
Olive Green BAB86C 186,184,108
Laser Lemon FDFC74 253,252,116
Unmellow Yellow FDFC74 253,252,116
Canary FFFF99 255,255,153
Yellow Green C5E384 197,227,132
Inch Worm B2EC5D 178,236,93
Asparagus 87A96B 135,169,107
Granny Smith Apple A8E4A0 168,228,160
Electric Lime 1DF914 29,249,20
Screamin Green 76FF7A 118,255,122
Fern 71BC78 113,188,120
Forest Green 6DAE81 109,174,129
Sea Green 9FE2BF 159,226,191
Green 1CAC78 28,172,120
Mountain Meadow 30BA8F 48,186,143
Shamrock 45CEA2 69,206,162
Jungle Green 3BB08F 59,176,143
Caribbean Green 1CD3A2 28,211,162
Tropical Rain Forest 17806D 23,128,109
Pine Green 158078 21,128,120
Robin Egg Blue 1FCECB 31,206,203
Aquamarine 78DBE2 120,219,226
Turquoise Blue 77DDE7 119,221,231
Sky Blue 80DAEB 128,218,235
Outer Space 414A4C 65,74,76
Blue Green 199EBD 25,158,189
Pacific Blue 1CA9C9 28,169,201
Cerulean 1DACD6 29,172,214
Cornflower 9ACEEB 154,206,235
Midnight Blue 1A4876 26,72,118
Navy Blue 1974D2 25,116,210
Denim 2B6CC4 43,108,196
Blue 1F75FE 31,117,254
Periwinkle C5D0E6 197,208,230
Cadet Blue B0B7C6 176,183,198
Indigo 5D76CB 93,118,203
Wild Blue Yonder A2ADD0 162,173,208
Manatee 979AAA 151,154,170
Blue Bell ADADD6 173,173,214
Blue Violet 7366BD 115,102,189
Purple Heart 7442C8 116,66,200
Royal Purple 7851A9 120,81,169
Purple Mountains’ Majesty 9D81BA 157,129,186
Violet (Purple) 926EAE 146,110,174
Wisteria CDA4DE 205,164,222
Vivid Violet 8F509D 143,80,157
Fuchsia C364C5 195,100,197
Shocking Pink FB7EFD 251,126,253
Pink Flamingo FC74FD 252,116,253
Plum 8E4585 142,69,133
Hot Magenta FF1DCE 255,29,206
Purple Pizzazz FF1DCE 255,29,206
Razzle Dazzle Rose FF48D0 255,72,208
Orchid E6A8D7 230,168,215
Red Violet C0448F 192,68,143
Eggplant 6E5160 110,81,96
Cerise DD4492 221,68,146
Wild Strawberry FF43A4 255,67,164
Magenta F664AF 246,100,175
Lavender FCB4D5 252,180,213
Cotton Candy FFBCD9 255,188,217
Violet Red F75394 247,83,148
Carnation Pink FFAACC 255,170,204
Razzmatazz E3256B 227,37,107
Piggy Pink FDD7E4 253,215,228
Jazzberry Jam CA3767 202,55,103
Blush DE5D83 222,93,131
Tickle Me Pink FC89AC 252,137,172
Pink Sherbet F780A1 247,128,161
Maroon C8385A 200,56,90
Red EE204D 238,32,77
Radical Red FF496C 255,73,108
Mauvelous EF98AA 239,152,170
Wild Watermelon FC6C85 252,108,133
Scarlet FC2847 252,40,71
Salmon FF9BAA 255,155,170
Brick Red CB4154 203,65,84
White EDEDED 237,237,237
Timberwolf DBD7D2 219,215,210
Silver CDC5C2 205,197,194
Gray 95918C 149,145,140
Black 232323 35,35,35