Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lessons from Mother Duck

There she sits----day after day.  She has decided to build her nest and raise her little ones in our mulch lot. 

Oh, how I admire Mother Duck. 

No, she is not a beauty queen- she's just a plain brown duck.  Most wouldn't give her a second glance, but she doesn't let that stop her.  She pours her entire heart into what she has been called to do, knowing that she may not make a difference to others but she eventually will to her ducklings. 

She may not always be the smartest (really, one probably shouldn't build a nest in the middle of a busy mulch lot around big tractors), but that makes her all the more in common with us human beings.  I sure know about making mistakes, but do I make the best of them like she does? 

I think about her all the more as I work out in the blazing sun, taking breaks once in awhile to cool off and grab a drink of water.  I can't begin to imagine how hot it must be for her as she patiently sits upon her eggs. 

If she was a human mother, she would have all the reasons in the world not to hatch those little ducklings. 

She could be enjoying life, swimming around and eating and drinking to her heart's content; but she is sitting there surrounded by heat and noise and discomfort. 

What if the ducklings are deformed?  What if the father doesn't come around anymore?  What if the eggs never hatch? - I wonder if she ever asks those questions. 

Even if she did, I really don't think she cares about any of that.  She loves those lil' guys so much and the job that God has given her to do that she is willing to sacrifice absolutely all of herself for them.  Kinda makes you stop and think when you see all the women today who are so ready to abort their unborn child because of their countless excuses and reasons.

Just a plain duck.  But she's a duck that has poured all of her love into being a mother---- no matter what may happen.