Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Special Purpose or Special Man

Daily Prompt: BFFs

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from the person you’re the closest to?
Photographers, artists, poets: show us FRIENDS

When I read this I had to stop and think.  I can't quite say who I am absolutely closest to, but I do know that I revere my father and honor his advice very much- and he is one of my best friends!

I also can't say that this is the most important lesson I have ever learned from him, but it is one of the more recent ones that has meant a lot to me.  I thought I would share it, because I'm not the only girl out there that wonders at times about her single status.

I'm about to have another birthday which makes me another year older, and occasionally I whine to my parents about how overlooked I am by the opposite gender.  It isn't that I am intent on marriage as an ultimate goal (truth of the matter is that I'll be just as happy single and fulfilling all the many things I dream of doing as I would be sharing the rest of my life with that special someone and raising a beautiful family), but sometimes I have to wonder what is wrong with me that I am still single while a lot of my friends have had Prince Charming sweep them off their feet.  I mean is it my looks?  Is it my personality?  Is it because I like studying and wearing funky clothing?  Is it because I'm not like most of the other girls in thought and personality? 

I'm being honest here because I know that I have single friends that ask the same questions.

But this is what my father said to me-

"Daughter, God is either saving you for a Special Purpose or a Special Man.  He doesn't want you getting all distracted by guys that will sidetrack you from what He has in store for you."

Pretty powerful stuff right there, isn't it?  It kind of put things in perspective for me.  I should not feel like I don't meet society's expectations if I don't have a boyfriend or three guys falling for me like all the romance stories portray.  God thinks I'm pretty awesome, so awesome in fact that He is keeping me for something very special.  It just excites me to think about it.  Either I'm single for a special purpose, which only being dedicated to God would allow me the freedom to do or else I'm single and saved for the man that God picked just for me and will bring in His own timing. 

Anyways, this wasn't going to be another long post, just short and to the point for the daily prompt; but here I am going on and on about singleness and romance and all that gushy stuff.  So I'll stop and tell you to have a wonderful day and think about how God truly does care about you.  Remember not to base your value on other people, but on what the Father thinks of you!