Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ancient Poetry

Image                Ancient Poetry
I absolutely loved writing poetry when I was a tween, and I came across some of the poems I had scrawled between pages of homework.  It was great way to pass the time when we traveled a lot.  They are not very great (and definitely do not follow all the rules of proper verse), but it is interesting nonetheless to go back in time to those awkward adolescent scribblings!

“I sit and watch the scenes go by-
The woods, the trees, the lakes, the streams,
The cars, the trucks, the roads, the leaves.
God made this world for you and me.”

A River
“Life is like a little river-
Storms will come and cause dismay;
Waves will beat and toss forever
Till the clouds all fade away.
And soon the sun will brightly savor
The once wild waves that now just trickle,
Flowing on and on eternal;
Always go, but never stay.”

True Love
“Truly love is such a grand thing
For God sent His Son to die
On the cross to bear our burdens
So you’ll live with Him on high.
But the story has not ended with the Savior in the grave,
He did rise up in the morning
On the third day from the grave.”

Honesty and Purity
“Honesty tastes like a mountain stream
and looks like the cows in a pasture scene
And sounds like a train whistle’s scream.
Honesty smells like the approaching morning’s dew
and feels like the ground of a path that is true.
Purity sounds like the wind in the trees
And feels like a cool refreshing breeze
And looks like the turning waves in the sea.
Purity smells like a clean spring rain
And tastes like fresh-picked sugarcane.”

Little Things
“There is so much around me so dear and so sweet
That some take for granted and others delete;
But to me they are precious as the jewels of a queen
Or the gold of a miser or the power of kings-
Parents that trust me and love me still
When others would mock me and laugh at free will,
A brother that helps me with chores and with work
And then will expect not a thing in return,
The smile of a child so tender and young,
Their small little hands enveloped in my own,
The love of a friend that is there when all fails
Ready to heal and forgive and not yell,
The glistening of dew in the morning’s rays
Suspended in webs of intricate lace,
The singing of birds,
The buzzing of bees,
And children that play on a hot summer’s eve,
The beautiful rainbow arched in the sky
Full of all colors of day and of night,
The brilliance of leaves as they turn on their color
And float to the ground to be a blanketing cover,
The fresh falling snow turning bad into pretty
And showing the cleansing of things that were dirty,
A twilight evening out under the stars
Where Heaven seems close but yet oh so far.
But the very best thing of the stuff that’s around me
Is the One who made it
And also Who gave it-
He’s the Maker and Creator,
Friend and my Savior,
The One that first saw beauty in each piece of matter.”