Saturday, July 5, 2014

Date Times with Jesus


Last night I had the privilege to spend time with a very Special Someone.  When you live with your family and your life is quite hectic…times like this do not happen very often.  My one-on-one time with Jesus is usually spent in devotions or in quick prayers during the day.  But there is something very special about getting away, quieting your life, and talking with and listening to the Bridegroom.

Anyone knows that successful relationships take work, time, and communication.  My parents go on a “date” every week just so they can spend time with one another without distractions.  We can’t expect to have a thriving relationship with Christ if we only squeeze in time with Him once in a while.

I think it is quite sad that “dates with Jesus” are associated as a single woman’s thing to do so she feels special and loved since she does not have that boyfriend or husband to “date”.

Maybe this will shock you, but I whole-heartedly believe that everyone, whether male or female – whether married or single, should have special times alone with their Savior.

Don’t look so shocked.  Where did we get the idea that men are too tough to do such things and married woman no longer need to worry about that stuff?

No, men, you don’t have to hang lanterns in the trees and eat off of china plates…but I challenge you to do more than just a quick Bible reading and prayer time.  Set apart some time to focus on Christ because He is just as much your Beloved, Savior, and Messiah as He is to us, females.  Get out in the wilderness, pitch a tent, gaze at the stars, make your food over a campfire—-that gives excellent time to talk to Christ and ask Him for His leading, cleansing, and refinement in your heart.  Go on a scenic drive and pour out your heart to God while the miles roll by.  Put away the phone, business problems, church questions….It does not make you any less of a man to ask Christ for help, direction, and wisdom.  It does not make you emotional or wimpy to have “dates with Jesus”.

Maybe you argue that you have a family you should not leave.  No, I am not saying to neglect them, but your children will admire a father who truly cares about his relationship with Christ.  You don’t have to have a “date” every week; it could be once every few months.  Hire a babysitter and get away with your wife to a cabin somewhere for the weekend.  You get great “date time” in with your wife; but if you both set aside a half a day of alone time with Christ, you get in great “date time” with Him as well.

This should not take the place of personal devotions, family devotions, and husband/wife devotions…it is an additional time set apart to say, “I love You, Jesus; and I want to get to know You even better!”

Let me explain something I see that happens quite often with married women.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I think 1 Corinthians 7:34 has a lot to do with the mind set we often get when it comes to the married and single women’s relationship with Christ.  “There is difference also between a wife and a virgin. The unmarried woman careth for the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and in spirit: but she that is married careth for the things of the world, how she may please her husband” (1 Cor. 7:34).  We see this passage as a right to transfer our affection and time from Christ to our husband once we say “I do”.
It is true that we suddenly have other responsibilities and are intent on pleasing, serving, and loving our partners once we become married….but NEVER should that make Christ second place.  No where in the Bible does it say that our first love should be our husband instead of God.  No where can I find that being married holds us exempt from deepening our relationship with Jesus.  Too often, husbands are used as a wife’s identity and channel to God.  May I challenge you to still keep Christ as your first love and work on pursuing Him???

You are rolling your eyes, I’m sure, as you think that I obviously am not married with children to raise or I would not even think of suggesting “date times” with Jesus.  Perhaps you do not have the time to do something elaborate and spend hour upon hours alone, but do really work on carving out a “date time”.  Try the cabin thing with your husband and get off by yourselves for a bit.  If your husband is not willing to do that, then make a chai latte and cozy up with a journal and Bible while the children are napping.  Buy an ice-cream cone and find a neat place at the park to talk with Christ while the kids are at school.  Each person will have different ways of spending their “dates”, but each one will be special to Christ.  I guarantee that you won’t regret your time with Him!

Of course, single girls—-you will absolutely love “date times” with Jesus if you don’t have them already.  It’s a time to talk with the One Who chose us and thinks we are pretty SPECIAL!  It also gives us a great reason to dress up and have candlelit dinners;)

I’ll post “date” ideas once in awhile….

This was how I spent time with my True Love last evening.
Lanterns, Picnic Basket, Pillows, Bible, Journal, Finger Food…such a cozy little spot.

You would dress up for a regular date; so why not for “dates with Jesus” =)—–

wpid-IMG_20140704_205119.jpg   wpid-IMG_20140704_211503.jpg   wpid-IMG_20140704_210859.jpg

Special Little Things to make the evening lovely—-
 Lanterns in our beautiful walnut tree.

Candles, Picnic Basket, Bible, Journal.

Words TRUST and JOY—I had claimed Joy as my word last year, and Trust is the word for this year.  I like to claim a word for the year that I want Jesus to instill in me.

Cozy Pillows!

Love candles!!!

I keep a charm necklace in my room with charms that have important meaning or reminders to me—-
Jesus holds the key to my heart

Purity ring

I’m a Princess/Daughter of The King

Dreams, music, family—things I need to hold out to God with an open hand.

Yummy Finger Foods—–
wpid-IMG_20140704_205651.jpg  wpid-IMG_20140704_205552.jpg  wpid-IMG_20140704_205522.jpg

Dove Chocolates (because every girl needs chocolate!).

Readings, Prayers, Journaling—–
Write your “date night” on a special journal card with highlights of the evening to keep forever in your Bible.


His Princess Bride: Love Letters from your Prince - Sheri Rose Shepherd

A special promise for me right now!


“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” – CS Lewis

The evening ended with watching the stars, lightening bugs, fireworks, and lanterns blowing in the night breeze—
wpid-0704142130c.jpg     wpid-0704142129a.jpg

Jesus sent a chorus of birds to add music to the evening; He sent a breeze to kiss my face; He sent the stars to show that even though He holds the planets and galaxies in His hand-  He still cares about me and enjoys our times together!

May you have a beautiful “date” with your Beloved— because you will not regret the time spent together!