Thursday, July 17, 2014

Your Help, Please

Your Help, Please!

Ladies and Gentlemen—-I would LOVE your help! I’m doing a blog series on “Things Singles won’t tell Married People” and “Things Married People won’t tell Singles”….just stuff that we see in each other that we wish we could talk about, but can’t (kinda like the articles Reader’s Digest writes on what waitresses and flight attendants see and know, but won’t say).

Example—- To Tell Married People- “We love to hear about your kid’s nosebleeds and husband’s snoring problems, but not all the time. Ask us about our life once in awhile (and truly listen).”

Message me your input…labeled as either -to tell singles- or -to tell married people-; include your name at the end if you want me to include your name in the blog with your input!

Please be open and honest cuz’ I want this to be an encouraging, insightful, and beneficial series. Pass this on as well to your friends…they can email answers to (you can also use this email if you want to stay anonymous); or you can go through the contact page at …..Thanks for your help; couldn’t do it without you!!!