Thursday, April 17, 2014

It’s a sweet trip to the candy shop

junk food
Daily Prompt:  What’s your biggest junk food weakness? Tell us all about it in its sugary, salty, glory.

Junk food hasn’t really been a huge thing for me…  I don’t receive any enjoyment from chips, instead they make me feel greasy and salty.  Donuts and cakes are uninteresting to my taste buds; and even sweet drinks do not impress me much.  Hot dogs and frozen meals taste as fake as cardboard and usually make me feel sick in my stomach.

I think a lot is due to the fact that my mother tried to raise us children on three healthy meals a day without a bunch of junk food to coat our systems with nastiness.  When we would go to the cabins with friends, they would snack all day long on whatever junk food they found laying around, and then they would not be hungry for a proper meal.  I could never quite understand how Pringles could be more appealing than grilled chicken and baked potatoes, but I guess each person has his own likes.  When the hereditary diabetic problems began to tickle me with its nasty fingers, I started to limit my sweets and junk food intake all the more.  It is surprising how when you give something up, it does not even taste good when you go back to it.  Pies used to call my name, but now they taste sugary and blah.

However before I sound perfect in my food-intake choices, I should let you know that I still do have a huge weakness.  This weakness comes in the form of frozen yogurt machines with countless choices of flavored yogurt, followed by miles of toppings like fudge, cookie dough, granola, cinnamon cereal, peanut-butter sauce….

And the thing is, I can con myself into believing how good it is for me since there are options for non-fat, low-calorie, and sugar-free yogurts.  When I arrive at the scales and my non-fat yogurt is weighed in, I soon realize though that the fun toppings which I could not resist account for most of the weight and completely do away with my good intentions.  But oh, that chocolatey, peanut-buttery goodness just melts in your mouth!  I guess everyone has their battles, and mine will continue to be with the frozen yogurt shops that are encamped around my neighborhood.  But I shall boost my self-control and win (well, that is, after I have at least one more peace talk with the enemy)!

“I’ve thrown away my toys,
Even my drums and trains,
I want to make some noise,
With real live airplanes.
Some day I’m going to fly,
I’ll be a pilot to,
And when I do,
How would you,
Like to be my crew?
On the good ship
Its a sweet trip
To the candy shop
Where bon-bon’s play,
On the sunny beach
Of peppermint bay
Lemonade stands,
Crackerjack bands,
Fill the air,
And there you are,
Happy landings on a chocolate bar.
See the sugar bowl
Do a tootsie roll
In a big bad devils food cake,
If you eat too much,
Oh, oh,
You’ll awake,
With a tummy ache.
On the good ship
Its a nice trip,
In to bed you hop,
And dream away,
On the good ship
Lollipop.” – Whiting and Clare….sung by Shirley Temple