Monday, February 10, 2014

A Brother

brotherIt is my brother, MarDelton’s, twentieth birthday today!  I had my twenty-fourth birthday on Friday, and both of my parents have birthdays this month as well.  My brother was supposed to be born in March, but he decided to stick with family tradition and come on February 10, 1994.
I remember when my parents informed me that I would have a little baby brother.  We were sitting at the table when they told me.  A three-year old can’t quite comprehend the whole situation, but I figured it would be a great thing since my friends had other siblings and seemed to be okay with it.
He finally came, barely making it alive; but he was determined to visit this world.  He was so little when I saw him.  My parents and the staff allowed me to sit up on the hospital bed, and then they put this tiny bundle beside me.  I wrapped my arms around it, knowing that I was going to protect this brother of mine and be the best big sister I could be.
It may have been love at first sight, but after a while the excitement wore off and I suddenly awoke to the realization that I no longer received all of my mommy and daddy’s attention.  No longer was I the only one upon whom they doted and about whom they spoke and with whom they played and talked.  There was a brother trying to take his share.
But one couldn’t hate the blond-haired, blue-eyed cherub for long.  I soon realized that life was better with someone else around- even if he took ”my” stuff and pulled “my” hair and disturbed “my” ears with his crying.
We were completely different.  I was a fighter, bold and determined.  It had to be my way, and I would accept no other.  Needless to say, this bought me quite a few tickets to punishment.  And the more I was punished the more I was determined to not give in.  MarDelton was quiet, but still quite mischievous.  However, he did not fight to have his own way, he just acted in agreement and then snuck in what he wanted when no one was watching.
Perhaps I should not tell some of his childhood antics, but they are quite humorous.  There were matches found behind the dryer because he had sat out in the garage lighting them and then hiding them in the best place he knew.  There were mysterious slashes on the windowsill from where he had tried out his axe.  Still, all in all, he was a really good kid.  And he got picked on a lot because of that.  Mom and Dad had taught us to be respectful, to not get in fights, and to be kind.  However, not every other child was taught that, and my compassionate brother was a good target for bullies.  But ever-protective older sister would come to the rescue and make sure he was safe and sound.
My poor brother, I feel bad about it now, but I was (dare I say it?) quite bossy.  He very kindly did whatever job I commanded and needed done, until one day he decided that enough was enough and declared mutiny.  My days of power were over.
Since we had no other siblings, we did everything together and were best friends.  We would ride the tire swing and imagine it was a boat traveling the great seas and sailing away from pirates, we would build snow forts and have battles, and we would laugh and giggle as only best friends can do.
But in the past ten years, he has grown up and started that maturing process that every child must grow through- the search for what you believe, who you are, and where your spot in this world is.  I have watched him dedicate his life to Christ and love those who treat him spitefully.  He has shown wisdom in the way he makes decisions and handles his finances.  He has listened to people and cared about their problems.  Whereas I have little or no patience, he can endure almost anything.  He is fighting that hard fight of purity in mind and life.  He has also became an extremely hard worker and has the biceps to prove it!
I rely on him quite a bit.  He is my security when I go somewhere new, he is my protector when I am in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation, and he is my counselor when I need a listening ear.  I know that God is going to have great things in store for him, and I can’t wait to see what that all will be.
Happy Birthday Dearest Brother!